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Advantages of Implementing Machine Learning and Big Data in Business

April 9, 2022
Advantages of Implementing Machine Learning and Big Data in Business

Machine learning is one of the most popular data processing methods in the AI ​​world. Now what are the advantages of using machine learning for your business? We’ve often heard a lot of noise from the exposure of machine learning out there. Some explain machine learning correctly, but not a few also explain inconsequentially.

The question is, is machine learning that crazy? Or is it just a gimmick to increase the selling price of computer programs and systems? Here we will discuss what are the benefits offered by machine learning.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is one of the ways AI/Artificial Intelligence understands, learns, and analyzes data without the need for continuous manual programming. In the past, machines needed to be programmed manually in order to work. And if the program is stuck, it will run stagnant.

In contrast to machine learning systems, where machines can learn automatically like humans. This system is proven to be able to provide better data processing solutions, and of course it is done automatically.

Benefits of Machine Learning for Business

If you understand how to use it, machine learning can be one of the main keys to business success. You certainly understand that wrong decisions are a major factor in the company's downfall, and wrong decisions are caused by incorrect or incomplete data.

Machine learning can help you to process data, and they can even make their own decisions without you needing to analyze it first.

Easier Trend Identification

Machine learning automatically collects data from time to time without a second's interruption, then compiles that data into one very complete comprehensive report.

Therefore, machine learning can help business owners to get trend information from data collected in real time. Machine learning can also retrieve data that is not identified by humans automatically. For example, if you are using a Facebook Pixel, Facebook's system can provide user information data automatically without being asked.

Able to Handle Variables and Data Dimensions on a Large Scale

Too many variables can make us dizzy. Just imagine if you have to deal with a table that has 100 columns, 1000 rows and is interconnected with one another. How can we handle these data?

But machine learning technology can solve this problem. The machine does not recognize the words confused and dizzy, so it can continue to analyze the data even since the first time the data is added.

Auto Improvement

Machine learning does not require human intervention to learn. Given that machine learning systems are connected to certain algorithms that can adapt machine logic to real events, the system can automatically improvise data processing without the need for major changes.

Wide Application

If you think that machine learning can only be applied to the technology industry, then you are very wrong!

In fact, machine learning can also be implemented in various industries, such as the manufacturing industry. Where machine learning can help analyze and improve the effectiveness of the company's production rate.

The Role of Big Data in Human Life

With the increasing amount of input data that can be stored and analyzed, big data keeps the potential for enormous benefits. Moreover, various problems related to big data can be handled thanks to technologies such as Hadoop.

That's why in recent years even the concept and processing of big data is no longer an obstacle. Even big data itself has been used in several aspects, including:

Product Development

Companies like Netflix are already leveraging big data to anticipate consumer demand. With big data Netflix is ​​able to make predictions for their latest products and services based on previously obtained data input.

There are also conventional companies such as P&G that have utilized big data and its analysis to carry out product development. P&G utilizes focus groups, social media, market trials, and then analyzes them into new strategies for the production and launch of their latest products.

Prediction in maintenance

This function is very useful used by companies engaged in the manufacturing industry. Such companies usually have hundreds and even thousands of tools from various vendors with various years of manufacture. Each of them works every day without stopping with a different process for each tool. From here, millions of data can be obtained that can be collected and analyzed to predict mechanical failures that may arise in each tool used. In this way the company can perform equipment maintenance very precisely and efficiently.

Customer experience as a marketing strategy

In the past, to collect customer experience, we used to use surveys with small samples. Big data allows companies to gather consumer perspectives more broadly and holistically. Companies, whether small companies or drop shippers to resellers, can take input from social media, web visits, phone history, and other sources so that they can analyze it into input and then provide the next product.

Furthermore, by having big data as input, a company will actually be able to provide more “personalized” products and anticipate various problems that may arise from each product launched.

Cyber ​​security

With big data, a cybersecurity expert is able to assess the patterns that might be used in cyber fraud. Just like some of the functions above, high data input makes a cybersecurity expert work more efficiently and quickly in terms of anticipating attacks.

Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence machines are one of the hot issues that are often discussed. With this technology, humans are able to make machines that can 'learn by themselves'. Why is big data so important? Since machine learning requires large amounts of input (in the form of data), the existence of big data makes this possible. Before big data, it was difficult to build machine learning models because there was too little data input.

Operational efficiency

Regarding points (1), (2), and (3), If a company has properly utilized big data technology, it is certain that its daily management and operations will be much more efficient. With large data input, companies can make models of what can and cannot be done, for example in the production of goods, marketing, to when launching new products.

Let's Grow with Machine Learning and AI Technology!

Machine learning proves that complex jobs that were previously done by humans can actually be taken over by machines. However, the existence of machine learning does not mean that it will eliminate the role of humans, because the analysis generated by AI can sometimes still go wrong. So, AI and humans should not substitute each other, but complement each other. Start using AI in your business, and grow together effectively without wasting any more resources!

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