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We transformed from a Generalist boutique Consulting Firm into a strategic Cloud System Integrator. We see this as a move that allows us to harness and bring Technology of today and the future into one via the platforms of hyperscalers. We will continue to engineer technology that scales and grows with the businesses we service, be a talent and incubation hub for ideas and new technology and still believe in making business simple and efficient.

Our team of consultants help organizations across Asia-Pacific undergo Cloud transformation. With a growing team of 30+ people across 2 countries, we work alongside our clients as one agile team with a shared ambition to achieve extraordinary results, outperform the competition and redefine industries. We complement our tailored, integrated expertise with a vibrant ecosystem of digital innovators to deliver better, faster, and more enduring outcomes.

Our Firm

We are a strategic Cloud System Integrator delivering tip of the spear service via our Advisory and Consulting experts. As of today, we created anchor focuses in Data Analytics and Metaverse, which will expand as we grow with you.

What We Believe

Being the orchestrator of change for businesses by introducing and implementing tech solutions powered by Cloud that are both empowering and progressive.

What We Do

Consult, propose, engineer, execute and integrate. All with a focus on Cloud delivery, that meets and surpasses our client’s expectations.

Our Vision

To expand the stronghold we have today as a recognised branding in Cloud Transformation, driving change with strong delivery, technology and intuitive integrations, leading to seamless change and profitable outcomes.

Our Mission

To lead in the innovation, development and integration of new information technologies via Cloud to enable trade, communications and growth. We provide value for our customers with our professional consulting team in Southeast Asia.

Bold ideas. Extraordinary teams.

Our People

Deeeplabs is made out of a diverse team of dedicated individuals “born in Cloud” from Singapore and Indonesia with varied expertise in Consulting and Advisory, Cloud domain expertise, Project Management and Marketing.

Flexible. Learning, and Scalable

Developing future proof ecosystems through innovation and leading technologies.

Becoming a Partner of Change, not simply a Seller

Being the orchestrator of change to realise our clients, and their stakeholder’s goals.

Personal Growth of our Family

Our people as engineers, together building a better tomorrow for all of us.

The future favors the innovative.

Message from our CEO

“I am excited to share that Deeeplabs is now entering a new phase of growth. Our significant progress over the past 5 years provides us with a strong foundation to realize even more ambitious growth plans. In this new phase, we will continue to foster growth through innovation, partnership and acquisition.

Transiting from being a boutique Consulting firm to a strategic Cloud System Integrator with the aim of creating multiple anchor Cloud IPs is bold but natural for us. Our innovative mindset focusing on transformation enabled this radical change and will remain as part of Deeeplabs DNA.

We believe in Asia-Pacific’s future. The region’s economic growth will be underpinned by consumers’ rapidly advancing purchasing power and very favorable demographics. In addition, a maturing political environment and proven monetary policies will help the region to progress with stability and confidence to become one of the advanced nations of the world. As a consumer-focused business group, Deeeplabs is the best-positioned business group in Asia-Pacific to capitalize on the upcoming acceleration of the economy, especially with our Cloud focused team and solutioning strategies.

We are humbled to be seen as a leading Cloud Innovator in the region in our chosen businesses, whilst building on our core values of customer focus, entrepreneurship, innovation, operational excellence, team work to realize synergies, and good corporate governance. We continue to prioritize attracting and retaining the best talent and integrating this talent into a high performance culture.

Looking overseas, Deeeplabs is actively seeking opportunities in other fast growing Asian markets to realize our vision to become a leading global business.”

– Dex Lim, CEO of Deeeplabs Pte. Ltd.

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We believe in being the orchestrator of change and we are excited to meet you and your business.


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