Know Marketing 4.0, A New Marketing Strategy In The Digital Era

Dex Lim
April 22, 2022
Know Marketing 4.0, A New Marketing Strategy In The Digital Era

Today, Marketing 4.0 is one of the digital marketing strategies that are being used by many companies in various countries. This applies because the world of marketing has rapid development. In other words, digital marketing needs to be prioritized by various giant companies.

The digital marketing strategy was finally applied because it was considered accurate to help the country evolved to follow the rapid progress of the digital world.

Well, the same as many other countries, Asia Pacific company has already begun to know and apply this strategy. Thus, you want to jump into the business world or professional marketing must be carefully to understand it.

Then what is meant by Marketing 4.0? Why should he be prioritized by many companies? Let’s, find out the answer in the following reviews.

What is Marketing 4.0?

Marketing 4.0 is a marketing approach that combines online and offline interactions that occur between companies and customers. Why can these strategies be formed? In this modern era, marketing is not enough if only done online.

The company also requires offline marketing to ensure that consumers get satisfactory services from the products or services offered.

However, reported from the Marketing Insider Group, it does not mean that the online market is trying to drop offline markets. In this approach, both are necessary to fill their respective roles in order to complete the company's marketing target.

What is the example? According to Marketers magazine, this method does not only combine offline and online, but, also combines the style with substance.

This means that a brand cannot just prioritize a good digital branding. They also have to produce relevant, interesting, and up-to-date content for customers.

Well, this content creation requires the human touch to make it.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis were Developed to Advance Digital Marketing Strategy

Machine and also Artificial Intelligence was developed to advance this latest digital marketing strategy. However, in its implementation, the company still requires a human touch to strengthen customer engagement. So, this combination is called in Marketing 4.0.

Know Big Data Analysis

Before understanding how important Big Data Analysis, let's find out first what Big Data is. We can refers to a journal entitled Marketing 4.0: Enhancing Consumer Brand Engagement through Big Data Analysis published in 2016 explained that BIG Data Analysis is structured information that can be accessed, analyzed, and used in the process of making decisions.

In Big Data, there are 5 dimensions of data that can be taken. Among them are: Volume, Velocity, Variety, Variability, and Complexity.

These data can be taken from any source, such as social media trends, financial transactions, email, video and audio. Then, what is the use of the Big Analysis Data in Marketing 4.0? Here is the main function:

  • Increase the view of the customer
  • Sharpen digital security
  • Analyze operations that focus on machine data
  • Data Modernization

The Importance of Big Data Analysis in Marketing 4.0

With the existence of 5 data dimensions and also the usefulness of the Big Data Analysis, it can be concluded that it is very important for the success of marketing strategies.

The data obtained in it can be explored further to produce advanced information is like the habit of shopping for customers, characteristics, even the tastes of each customer.

With this technology, marketers will adjust how to sell using a personal approach to each person. Of course it is in accordance with spending habits or tastes from people targeted.

From here it will be seen that the offline form such as a personal approach is still very necessary to get loyal customers.

In the Journal of Marketing 4.0: Enhancing Consumer Brand Engagement through Big Data Analysis said that BIG data complements Marketing 4.0 and helps companies in building relations with customers.

Promotions conducted with this strategy can rely on customer expenditure behavior and habits data.

Of course this will make it easier for marketers to create a more personalized shopping experience for customers.

In addition, big data can also improve the feedback cycle from customers to product or service providers.

So, big data analysis really helps marketers to develop products and find ways to stay relevant for their customers.

This data is the newest and biggest insight in marketing 4.0 because it will make the brand or company more responsive to market demand.

5A Approach in Marketing 4.0

Over time, marketing strategies will continue to evolve and develop around the world, for example, marketing 1.0 which focuses on selling products without thinking about consumer needs and marketing 2.0 which is oriented to consumers then, human-oriented marketing 3.0 emerged and marketing 4.0 which combines online and offline strategies to get customer engagement.

With the change in strategy from year to year, the approach has changed. Finally, Philip Kotler changed the 4A approach to 5A in their book entitled Marketing 4.0, Moving from Traditional to Digital. Then what are the 5A's in marketing 4.0? Here's the explanation.

1. Aware

The first 5A aspect contained in marketing 4.0 is being aware.

Here, customers already know about the brand or product being sold. They are already aware of the existence of brands or products that are sold by the company through traditional media such as brochures and advertisements on television. Simply put, this stage can be shortened to, “I know.”

2. Appeal

At this stage the audience has started to feel interested in the product being sold. Customers have also started to think whether they really need the product they like? Should they buy the product?

In short, this stage can be shortened to, “I like” or the moment where customers understand their needs.

3. Ask

The next 5A aspect contained in marketing 4.0 is ask because of the audience's interest in a product and after considering it, they will enter the "ask" stage or search for in-depth information about the product they like.

It could be that the audience will ask friends who have already bought, look for reviews on the internet, or even find out the composition of goods and compare prices. This stage can be shortened to, “I am convinced.”

4. Act

After going through the three stages above, the audience finally got up the courage to enter the act stage. Yes, audiences end up buying the product they love. In this stage it can be simplified to, “I buy.”

5. Advocate

If customers are satisfied with the product they bought, they will proceed to the next stage, namely advocate.

In other words, they recommend the product they bought. Providing feedback, recommendations, or reviews can be done online or offline. This stage can be shortened to, “I recommend.”

In essence, with the rapid development of the marketing world, marketing 4.0 is present and becomes a priority strategy for many companies. Why is that? Because this method is considered to be able to help companies stay relevant in this modern era. Therefore, before jumping into the world of marketing, first master this strategy so that recruiters are interested in accepting you as a marketing activist in their organization.

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