Investing In The Metaverse World, Why Increasingly Interested?

April 20, 2022
Investing In The Metaverse World, Why Increasingly Interested?

Metaverse is an Augmented Reality (AR) technology that allows individuals to interact with other individuals virtually. Metaverse is defined as a simulation of the real world of humans implemented in cyberspace or the internet.

In the metaverse, users can create avatars as they wish. A 3D avatar is a replica or user image in the form of 3D animation. This avatar can be used as a user representation on the internet.

In the metaverse, users can do anything in a virtual form such as hanging out, working, playing, attending concerts, shopping online, to buying a digital property.


Metaverse has a Relationship with Crypto Assets

Metaverse also has a relationship with crypto assets. That's what crypto assets work as a means of paying for purchases in the Metaverse. To date, there are several crypto assets that have been linked to Metaverse such as Decentraland (MANA) and Sandbox (SAND).

Metaverse also opens up digital property investment opportunities that allow users to purchase virtual land on Metaverse. Although the future fate is still unpredictable, the Metaverse itself has attracted many investors.

To perform these various activities in the metaverse, users need to use additional tools in the form of Virtual Reality (VR) glasses and gloves with heptic technology. Audio support may also be required to support the "visit" experience in the metaverse.

VR glasses, haptic gloves, and audio can create realistic experiences like the real world, such as seeing sights, hearing sounds, feeling various touches, and other sensations.

List of Famous Brands Starting to Invest in Metaverse World

Currently, there are a number of well-known brands that have started investing in the metaverse world, from fast-food chicken restaurants to sports equipment companies

Facebook, which changed its name to Meta, is increasingly convinced to create a virtual world that users can experience en masse through the internet, which is called the metaverse. Apparently, these technological advances have made several companies in various fields interested in the virtual world concept offered in the metaverse.

Metaverse is considered a great opportunity for some of the world's leading companies, because it is predicted that in the next few years, the virtual world will be present in every sector. The following is a list of several well-known brands that have started investing in the metaverse world.

1. McDonald's

McDonald's fast-food fried chicken restaurant is reported to be entering the digital metaverse. Quoted from Beeborn, the restaurant recently filed patents related to virtual services, products, to all restaurants and cafes for the metaverse.

The goal of turning to the metaverse is to open a virtual restaurant featuring a home delivery service. This means that users can explore McD's virtual restaurant in the metaverse and order food there to have it delivered to their home.

Later, users can download virtual meals as multimedia files containing artwork, text, audio, video, and non-fungible tokens (NFT). The popular fast food company is also applying for a trademark for the virtual cafe. Later, the cafe could include various entertainment services such as virtual concerts.

Overall, McDonald's aims to get its feet on the metaverse before any AR/VR-based ideas hit the market. In this way, they will be one of the first companies to offer their virtual products and services in the metaverse and gain significant market share.

2. Nike

The sportswear company Nike also announced that it will enter the world of the metaverse. Later, the brand entered the metaverse world under the name 'Nikeland'.

The virtual world of Nikeland can later be accessed for free through the popular simulation game Roblox. Users can use a virtual character (avatar) that is beautified with a variety of Nike branded accessories.

In addition, users can also play a number of games within Nikeland, such as the popular game 'Tag', 'The Floor Is Lava', to 'Dogeball'. In fact, content creators at Roblox can also design their own games at Nikeland.

3. Dyson

The well-known home appliance maker, Dyson, is also one of the companies that joined the metaverse. This British company creates a virtual world that can only be accessed for free through a virtual reality (VR) headset made by Meta, Oculus through an application called Dyson Demo VR.

Users can try various Dyson products, such as hair dryers, straighteners, and virtual hairdressers. In addition, users can also design and develop their own prototype products using the technology and components available there.


3 Reasons Why People Buy Property on Metaverse

Buying real estate or virtual property in the metaverse has recently become a trend. Of course, this triggers pros and cons. Those who believe, feel they have done enough research and believe that the metaverse is the future.

Those who are still skeptical think that the metaverse concept is still in its infancy, so buying virtual property is considered a “gambling” rather than an investment. Well, here are 3 reasons why some people dare to put their money in virtual properties:

Big Companies Join Meta Companies

Big players such as Nike and Adidas have stated that they are ready to enter the metaverse.  Nike ensures that their sneakers can be purchased not only in real, but also in the virtual world. Several fashion brands have also started testing collaboration products on the metaverse. 

Gucci is already selling a metaverse version of their limited edition bag on Roblox. The initial price was USD 1.20-USD 9 but then sold again for USD 4,100. That is, the sale and purchase of NFT in the metaverse has occurred, and is getting bigger.

Developers Buy Land on the Metaverse Virtual

Real estate developers like Republic Realm set a record by buying land for $4.3 million on the metaverse platform The Sandbox. Previously, also purchased land for USD 2.5 million in Decentraland. What is the point? They hope that later the land will be leased to be used as a virtual mall or other property.

Properties in the Metaverse are nothing new

Although the new metaverse became popular recently, the properties in the metaverse itself are nothing new. Ailin Graef, joined the 3D game Second Life and spent two years building virtual lands and developing avatars there. Ailin Graef has many servers containing virtual land for rent.

He even created his own studio, and employed 80 employees to manage his virtual lands. Released in 2003, currently Second Life has a turnover of USD600 million. $80 million of which went to the creators of the game.

Metaverse, or meta universe, is part of a shared virtual reality space for humans that is made as close as possible to the real world, or a three-dimensional world that is part of the development of the second stage of the internet world. Humans can also move in the metaverse with a personified figure as an account owner (avatar) and carry out their favorite activities, ranging from interacting, seeking entertainment, transacting, to working.

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