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The World’s Leading Big Data Analytics Company

April 24, 2022
The World’s Leading Big Data Analytics Company

The term big data may not be as popular as other digital technology terms today, especially when it comes to the term e-commerce for example. Even though big data is touted as one of the future technologies that is starting to develop.

However, the term big data itself originally appeared in the 2000s by Doug Laney who is one of the leading industry analysts. But what exactly is big data? What are the implications for the Asia Pacific region?

What is Big Data?

In terms of big data is a collection of very large and complex data sets. The data is so large that traditional data processing tools cannot analyze it. Likewise, the challenges behind big data analysis are quite large. Among them are how to collect data, how to store data, how to analyze data, to visualization, transfer, issues of data sensitivity and data validity.

However, the larger the data obtained and analyzed, of course, the greater the probability that the analysis obtained is correct. Even the results can open new information that was difficult to open before.

The concept of big data

The concept of big data itself came with The Three V's, or 'three V's, namely:

Volume where a big data is a collection of data with a very high volume and sometimes unstructured. Some of this data is for example Twitter feeds, user click flows on a web page or application. The volume value of the data can reach the size of TB or even PB (petabytes).

Velocity or speed, where a data stream must be treated at high speed. The speed of receiving or processing big data must be high. Even some of the current technologies are able to perform data processing and data evaluation in real time.

Variety aka variation. Talking about traditional data, generally the data collected is structured and fit data so that it can be easily analyzed. While in big data, the data obtained is generally unstructured and comes from various sources so that it requires prior processing so that the data can be analyzed.

In addition to the three Vs, many big data experts are currently re-entering the other 2 V elements, namely value and veracity. Value means how meaningful the data is, while veracity refers to how accurate and reliable the data is.

If it has a high value and veracity, a big data set will be a very large value. Especially for companies that do have business goals, for example for product development based on input and insight from the big data.

By doing big data analysis, a company can get a complete picture not only of the products they sell but also people's view of their company in general.

The goal is of course so that the company can take strategic steps related to the company's image to the development and sale of their next product.

Now you understand why big data is now so important and perhaps one of the sciences of the future.

However, the advantages of big data above also mean challenges for experts in the future. Because at this time it is known that the size of big data is growing at a rate of 2 times every 2 years.

This very high speed certainly makes experts have to think hard so that future technologies can handle increasingly 'big' big data. Because if not, of course, the larger data becomes useless.


Some of the World's Leading Big Data Analytics Companies

Until now, there are several leading companies engaged in big data analysis. Even some of these leading companies are known to have large corporate clients around the world.

Some of these companies are:


The company, which is based in Europe, was founded in 1989, is a company engaged in IT consulting and development.

Clients who have used this company include Walmart, Viber, Koch Media, and Heinz.

Core Value Inc.

The company was founded in 2004 and is based in New Jersey. It has a team of 450 experts who specifically handle data integration and development and machine learning.

Clients who have used the services of this company include Mondo, Rolls-Royce, Judo, Recyclebank.

Third Eye Data

Founded in 2010, the company has offices in Santa Clara, California. ThirdEye Data is engaged in big data consulting, BI, and artificial intelligence.

Clients who have used the company's services include Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Intel, Nokia, Symantec, Getty Images, and Amgen.

PSL Corp.

Founded in 1986, the company has offices in New York, Colombia and Mexico. It consists of 650 employees who are all specialized in software development, big data consulting, cloud consulting, web development, and system integration.

Clients who have used the company's services include Deloitte, Bridgestone, Arris, and Brinks.


The company was founded in 2001, and is currently based in Minsk, Belarus. Altoros is engaged in big data consulting, cloud consulting, as well as artificial intelligence and blockchain services.

Clients who have used this company's services include Toyota, WMG, Sony, and Allstate.


It is a software development company founded in 2005. Oxagile currently has 300 employees specializing in software and web development, as well as big data consulting.

Clients who have used the company's services include Google, Disney, Telecom Argentina, Thomson Reuters, and Vodavone.

Beyond The Arc

It is a company founded in 2001 and headquartered in Berkeley, California. The company is engaged in Business Intelligence, system integration, artificial intelligence, big data, and marketing strategy.

Clients who have used the company's services include Fremont Bank, IBM, The New York Times, Imation, and Wells Fargo.


Is one of the companies engaged in big data, system integration, and business intelligence. Founded in 2002 and currently has offices in New York, Chicago, Vancouver, and Seattle.

Clients who have used this company's services include ADP, Adidas, BELL, Samsung, Canada Post, City Bank, and Brookfield.

Nevron Software

Is a company that was founded in 1998. This company is engaged in big data consulting, web development, and custom software development. Clients who have used this company's services are Dell, LG, MetLife, and Cisco.

So those are some things you need to understand about what big data is, how big data works, to how big data is implemented in our lives today. You could say that big data is one of the most important discoveries, but its development is quite fast. So it is also hoped that in the future there will be more experts and companies engaged in this field. Besides that, those of you who see this opportunity, plus sufficient knowledge and educational background, can of course make big data one of your businesses.

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