Tech Support While Working from Home

May 27, 2021
Tech Support While Working from Home

Tech Support While Working from Home

What technology do I need while working from home?
Remote work remote technology is most crucial for jobs like design. You can download TeamViewer, the software that allows you to remotely access your computer. Once Team Viewer is connected, you can enter the backup drive mounted on the desktop and take over the client’s work as if you were in the client’s office.

The pandemic is changing jobs, forcing millions of people to work from home. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the Department of Labor in the Asia Pacific region, there were 21.8 percent of employed people surveyed working remotely because of the coronavirus in November, up from 21.2 percent in October. These figures do not include freelancers or employees who were already working remotely before the pandemic.

Working from home requires good support from both hardware and software such as laptops, printers, and cloud backup accounts. In fact, some problems such as computer hangs, application crashes, and missing files can be a threat. If you work from home, having technical support is absolutely necessary. When you're self-employed like me—that really matters. If I can't work, I don't get paid.

For remote communication, online meetings and so on, you need software support to conduct webinars, for example, the Zoom application, Google Meet and so on. With the help of remote communication applications, it is as if you can meet face to face and communicate like in the same office room.

4 Things to Prepare When Working from Home

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, to support the government's recommendation to practice social distancing, many companies have implemented work from home (WFH). Thanks to increasingly sophisticated technology, this way of working is even easier to do. However, working away from the office is more demanding on our commitment and professionalism. Although they do not have to go to the office, workers from home are also required to provide work reports and are required to complete work on time. It's a good idea to pay attention to some things that must be prepared in advance, such as the following.

Sufficient Equipment

The first and most mandatory thing to have while working from home is a strong internet network. Given that almost all of your work is done online, an inadequate internet network can damage the workflow.

Laptop specs are also one of the main considerations before you start working from home. Use a laptop with high performance so that your work can be carried out smoothly. Don't forget to make sure the laptop is powered while working, especially if you're in an online meeting. You don't want to be cut off in the middle of a meeting, do you?

Communication media

Working from home requires additional technology-based communication. You can take advantage of applications and software that support your work such as Slack, Zoom, and Google Calendar, or Trello. In addition, chat applications such as What’s app must also be used for smooth communication. Make sure to schedule online meetings several times a week so that the work situation remains conducive. You should also always be online during business hours so that other colleagues can easily contact you. But remember, you also have to pay attention to the security aspects of the application or software that you use while working from home.

Determine Work Schedule

When working outside the office, it is very easy to forget about work time. Sometimes, new work will be finished in the evening, long after work hours are over. It is very important that you set the right work schedule and routine. If you work outside of working hours, of course, communication cannot be well established because other co-workers are no longer actively working.

Try to keep starting work at the same time as office work hours begin. To be more productive, create an appropriate work mood, for example by dressing neatly but still relaxed. Take advantage of working hours as productive time and take a few minutes to rest.

Enough rest

As discussed earlier, rest should still be done during WFH. It's easy to overlook breaks, especially when you're focused on work. You can experience burnout if you work continuously without stopping. Set aside time for a lunch break and take a few minutes each time you finish work to relax your mind.

After preparing the things above, you are ready to work from home. Don't forget to prepare a number of tools and equipment to support your WFH. Buying a laptop, paying internet bills, software licenses, or other things that support working from home can be easily done online

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