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Cloud Consulting, Managed Services & Modernisation

We guide in your Cloud Migration and App Modernisation journey, while maintaining the Operational aspects of it.

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What is Cloud Consulting, Managed Services & Modernisation?

From what used to be a taboo in the past, we have reached the stage where even Government Agencies and Banks are migrating to Cloud.

Deeeplabs has a dedicated team of experts and architects who assist in your Cloud readiness assessment, implementing and migrating your workloads to Cloud and manage the operational aspects of it.

How our Cloud Consulting and Modernisation team can help you grow your Business

Reduce TCO

Our Consultants assess and study your entire Architecture and recommends the phased approach of moving to Cloud. Gradually your total TCO from an IT perspective will be reduced.

Managed Services

We provides Managed Services from a Cloud and App perspective. This reduces the typically tedious and manual works of Operation for you, freeing up your team’s time for more urgent tasks

Faster time to market

Our consultants and architects will recommend and set up the most efficient architecture for you, where testing and development can be done efficiently on Cloud. The collaborative nature coupled with our Enterprise grade DevSecOps setup will ensure a faster time to market for your company.

“Real” Optimisation

Lifting and shifting your workloads to Cloud won’t achieve instance optimization. Our Consultants will continue our advisory to guide the modernization approach for your current Technology Infrastructure/Stack. This enables you to reap the real benefits of Cloud giving you the competitive edge.

Our Tailored Approach

Every Journey begins with a Consultative session, the same way we wish to provide for you too. Our Consultants will spend time with you via multiple discovery sessions and readiness assessment. Mapping the actual state of your Technology Infrastructure is crucial. Once that is done, we will use target vision as the end state for us to propose the various optimization and transition activities. The high level approach we adopt is as follows,


Step 1: Readiness Assessment

We know you are eager to progress. But migration and modernization is complex, and we will only recommend a solution upon understanding fully the environment. We usually begins the journey with a readiness assessment.


Step 2: Corporate and Business Goals, Vision

Contrary to belief, a Technology Architecture transformation is motivated by not just the CIO, but the CEO as well. Business strategy plays an equally important role in shaping the Technology Architecture/Stack for the next decade. We will hold multiple discover session with your senior management team.


Step 3: Prioritising

Almost like product management, we will prioritise the migration and modernization based on immediate needs and store the rest of the needs in a continuum which will reviewed constantly. Multiple transition architectures will be proposed to ensure the modernization journey is aligned with the vision and investment or you.


Step 4: Journey Kickoff

Migration and modernization is a long journey. We will have a specialized team managing your account and assisting with the required managed service as we constantly transit into the target architecture.