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The 3 Key Trends in Digital Transformation Process in Asia Pacific

At the Asia Pacific Huawei Connect 2020 event, Huawei announced several key technologies, including Cloud, Server, Storage, Data Center Networks and WiFi to support successful digital transformation in various sectors in Asia Pacific. The digital transformation of all sectors in Indonesia to the next level. From an IT infrastructure perspective, there are 3 main trends […]

At the Asia Pacific Huawei Connect 2020 event, Huawei announced several key technologies, including Cloud, Server, Storage, Data Center Networks and WiFi to support successful digital transformation in various sectors in Asia Pacific.

The digital transformation of all sectors in Indonesia to the next level. From an IT infrastructure perspective, there are 3 main trends in digital transformation, namely Cloud & AI, Data Center, and Campus Network.

Digital transformation in the Cloud is the foundation for the business world. This solution enables enterprises to scale infrastructure as needed to support changing business priorities, while reducing the risk of wasted IT resources. If you like shopping on e-Commerce platforms and having them delivered to your home, some of the logistics partners are already supported by Huawei Cloud, one of the biggest player in Asia Pacific.

The Asia Pacific government is currently focusing on developing Artificial Intelligence in order to meet national policy directions that aim to make Indonesia more competitive at the global level for government, health, education, food security and smart cities, especially in handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital Transformation in Data Centers can provide business benefits, including reduced total cost of ownership and greater IT agility. Several companies in Indonesia have chosen Huawei as a partner to help transform their data centers.

Meanwhile, Digital transformation in Networks is just a matter of when to upgrade infrastructure for new applications. With a unified wired and wireless network as the foundation, it can accelerate the digital transformation process without risk and can redesign IT infrastructure to embrace disruptive technologies including IoT, Virtual Reality, multi-Cloud, and Artificial Intelligence.

Digital transformation in Campus Networks begins with technology that is always used in everyday life: Wi-Fi. Huawei has launched a wireless product in Wi-Fi 6 with the latest standards.

Asia Pacific company should have developed our core competencies in chips, algorithms and architecture to develop a Platform + Ecosystem strategy. We are committed to creating more value for customers by incorporating intelligence into our infrastructure and building a solid foundation for the entire digital world.

Insights of Digital Marketing Trends & Strategies 2022

Only for about 5 months again, we will enter new year, and that means we need to think about preparing for a digital marketing strategy in 2022.

In 2021, we saw drastic changes in digital marketing due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it looks like these changes will continue to carry over into 2021.

One way for a company or business to survive and be relevant in the eyes of its users is to pay attention to trends and implement them into marketing strategies.

It is very important for a company or business to ensure that the strategies used are not outdated or continue old strategies that are not effective.

Through this article, we will share some predictions for the world of digital marketing in 2022 and provide recommendations to prepare you for the new competitive map.

Trend #1: Video Advertising is getting more and more popular

Are you aware that the Instagram & Facebook platforms, which initially relied heavily on photos, have now become a new platform for sharing videos other than Youtube? Plus, the presence of TikTok makes videos more popular not only for interaction, but also for advertising.

According to PubMatic’s projections, Indonesia has become the market with the largest growth in terms of video ad spending in 2020. This means that the use of video ad has become a trend that forms a new pattern in advertising.

Why does this happen? Because advertisers realize that videos are more effective in encouraging potential customers or customers to convert, either in the form of purchases or other expected actions. This is supported by data showing 76% of adults in the US, UK and Australia buy products after viewing the video.

So, does this mean your company or business needs to adopt it immediately?

It should be reminded, even though the potential of video advertising is very large, there are still many companies and businesses that take the wrong steps in implementing it.

By adding video advertising in your marketing strategy, of course you need special considerations in terms of:

  • Production cost
  • Production capability
  • Distribution

Does your company or business have sufficient budget and qualified human resources in producing video content? More than that, how to distribute your video as an advertisement? You may need a partner if you’ve just decided to do this.

TIPS: Start slow. Make light videos to post on various social media channels such as Instagram and LinkedIn. Present simple video content that explains the merits of your product, service or business and give it some time to see how the video performs. If there is good enough engagement or view growth, you can consider video advertising as part of your strategy in 2021.

Trend #2: Use ChatBots

Previously, companies or businesses would rely heavily on customer service staff in providing services, for example providing answers to questions or solving problems that customers complained about via telephone or email. But sometimes, customer service itself creates a new problem customers are very sensitive about times.

Based on data from HubSpot Research, 82% – 90% of customers expect a response within 10 minutes when they need help with marketing and customer service.

What if this question comes up at an unusual time? It’s 10pm on a Saturday for example and need a solution ASAP. For some companies and businesses that have customer service staff on the shift, of course this is not a problem.

However, for companies and businesses that have not been able to provide support outside of normal working hours, this is where ChatBots can be a very strong support.

ChatBots can work 24/7 and provide effective solutions. With the development of ChatBot technology, customers began to seek help from them on company or business websites if available.

If your website only provides traditional customer service with limited working hours Monday – Friday, it’s likely that customers who need help at an unexpected time look for solutions elsewhere.

TIPS: Start simple. Consider using the most basic ChatBot service on your company or business website. For example, a ChatBot that can answer FAQs (frequently asked questions) and request a customer database for later contact.

Trend #3: Pay attention to the use of Ad Blockers

Properly targeted and optimized advertising certainly gives positive results to the brand awareness of a product/service and even a company.

However, there is one problem with advertising: many people do not like to see ads appear while they are browsing, and Ad Blocker is the solution for them

According to data from GlobalWebIndex in 2019, Asia Pacific became the most active Ad Blocker user with a figure reaching 40% on desktop & mobile.

This fact will certainly affect marketers who usually use PPC or display ad, because automatically ads will not reach users who activate Ad Blocker (except maybe Google Ads which will still be present in Chrome because of their own version of Ad Blocker).

So what can be done to address this phenomenon? If you realize that your target audience is Ad Blocker users (which data above shows a very high probability), PPC and display ad usage may need to be reviewed. TIPS: Explore more. Completely eliminating search engine advertising from your strategy is not ideal. You can still take advantage of SEM, or you can also explore other marketing channels such as email marketing with all its potential.

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