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Strategic Augmentation

The catalyst to accelerate your Company’s push towards Innovation and Transformation

strategic augmentation

What is Strategic Augmentation?

Strategic Augmentation is the provision of service not just to address singular project concerns, but rather activated based on the Company’s vision and strategy alignment. This means resources are provided not just at ground level, but into the senior management team of the Company as well to accelerate changes.

This is typically used in Transformation mode where the Company needs to grow rapidly and wish to blend in experience external resources to provide different views to the Organisation, or as part of alignment to HR Transformation Strategy

How our Digital Transformation can help grow your business

Influence change

  • Our resources from ground to senior level will pitch and guide on a regular basis to assist everyone to align with the Company’s vision seamlessly

Technology Scans

  • Our augmented Leads will regularly assist with Technology Scans and present these findings based on initiatives or areas that requires addressing within your Company. This enables a better and more informed decision making

Technical expertise

  • De facto expectation of our resources to plug gaps or render immediate assistance in your Company immediately

Drive Initiatives

  • More that what is required from a job scope perspective, our augmented Leads can assist in driving Technology Pilots for your evaluation, before adopted the Technology at scale.

Our Tailored Approach

Every Journey begins with a Consultative session, the same way we wish to provide for you too. Our Consultants will spend time with you to understand the Vision of your Company, which includes the upcoming changes and duration you have set for these changes to be realized. These are described in the following 4 step process.


Step 1: Discovery

We will have multiple discovery sessions with you and the various department heads to understand fully the landscape, the drive and KPI for success in individual departments and the aligned vision you are working towards.


Step 2: Experience Management

When required, our Business Analysts may roleplay as one of your staff in those departments to fully grasp the daily work cycle for us to be fully aware of augmentation expectations


Step 3: Strategic Augmentation Approach

Some does it with a bang, while others take a subtle approach. Based on your vision, timeline and investment, we will propose to you a phase-by-phase transition plan on the type of resources that we can provide solving issues on ground yet drive KPI measured initiatives within your Company.


Step 4: Onboarding Plan

We have dedicated PMO and Account Management team for you that will assist in seamless onboarding, where you can count on us to inform them of all workplace and security regulations. We will ensure that timeline driven activities like timesheet and trainings are completed before deadlines.