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Customer Experience oriented UIUX revamp

We re-imagine how the digital front door to your customers can be designed for the optimal experience

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What is Customer Experience Oriented UIUX?

Simply put, we set our focus to re-imagine and design based on how your end customers will think! Concurrently, we seek to understand our users by clearly defining the problem statement we attempt to solve, gives our team and clients the right frame of mind to spark ideas and birth solutions.

How our Customer Experience UIUX team can help you grow your Business

Proven Methodologies

We uses the iterative nature of design starting from 1. Learning and Defining, to 2. Ideate and Solutioning, then 3. Prototype and defining, before we 4. Implement and scale rapidly.

The Right Design Principle

There are no fixed rules in design. We believe in understanding our audience, expressing purpose and intent. We strive to be inclusive, encompassing and dynamic.

Enterprise Integratable

Besides full tailor-made revamp of UIUX, we ensure seamless integration to top tiers Digital Experience Platform, CRM solutions, Payment solutions to delivery end to end services

Technical Competency

Other that websites, we are competent in mobile application development as well regardless of native, cross platform or low code platform development.

Our Tailored Approach

Every Journey begins with a Consultative session, the same way we wish to provide for you too. Our Consultants will spend time with you usually via a design thinking workshop approach. This allows us to fully understanding what is expected from a customer experience point of view. We will include our own set of research ideas for your consideration a well. The high level approach we adopt is as follows,


Step 1: Confirming the tailored UX principles

We typically uses the 5W1H approach in design thinking workshops to be clear on the intent and approach. This is augmented with our culture of innovation and constant iteration to arrive at a mutally agreeable point


Step 2: DXP or CMS comparison

Depending on the scale of the requirement, we will propose the usage of a DXP or a CMS accordingly aligned with your investment appetite.


Step 3: UIUX Prototyping

It is our mandate to give you a glimpse of a possible design outcome. Based on information that we have at that point of time, we will let your review some of the envisioned design prepared for you which we can interate further upon award.


Step 4: Project Kickoff

Upon award, we will commence the design thinking workshop proper and further iterate and refine any UIUX prototypes prepared and rest of the deliverables.