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4 Internet-Based Technologies That Changed The World

technology change the world

Technology Change The World The agenda of the world today is how people’s daily work can be made easier with the existence of a technology. Every year several technologies are always created and developed. Each country conducts competition and struggles over technology copyrights to dominate the market in the technology sector. Technological research companies play […]

Technology Change The World

The agenda of the world today is how people’s daily work can be made easier with the existence of a technology. Every year several technologies are always created and developed. Each country conducts competition and struggles over technology copyrights to dominate the market in the technology sector.

Technological research companies play an important role in this field so that large investments are needed to carry out development. There are 4 technologies that you need to know below and follow the world’s big agenda in the era of modernity.

1. Big Data

Big data is a branch of data collection technology that has a large capacity, is complex and unstructured. This technology is considered the world’s most valuable asset with its contribution in developing the era of modernization.

Big data has a fast-growing nature with varied types of data, making it a new challenge for researchers to control this data. Big data is very difficult to handle if you only rely on traditional data processing applications.

Through real life, big data can be applied in various aspects such as government, education, health, police, and so on. This technology is very useful for controlling the problems of an organization both internally and externally. The organization can save time, save costs, and make informed decisions.

To get to know more about big data, there are 5V characteristics that you can find out below:

  • Volume, big data has a very large quantity of data with large storage capacity. So it takes a tool in the form of a special computer to store all the data.
  • Velocity, to manage very large data must have speed in accessing the data in real time. Usually use the core processor on the computer storage.
  • Variety, big data has a variety of structured and unstructured data formats. It also depends on the number of data sources used.
  • Truth, the data certainly has data that can be trusted or not depending on the data source. It becomes very important to determine the validity of a data so that it can be maintained.
  • Value, the value in the data can determine the decisions taken. This value appears after the data processing is completed.

The tools that can be used to analyze data on big data such as Gephi, Python, NiFi, Tableau, and Netlytic.

2. 5G Technology

5G or fifth generation is a term used for a branch of cellular telecommunications technology. This technology was created as the next standard phase of 4G. Although it is still in the planning and formation process, one of the companies in the smartphone sector, namely Huawei, has announced that products with 5G technology will be marketed.

You need to know that this technology is a radio wave of different frequencies according to its generation. Its usefulness is to be able to communicate remotely by transferring various data.

5G is still difficult to reach because this technology has not yet been released so the sensation of using it cannot be told in depth. Maybe only official information through researchers to recognize the concept of this technology.

According to the concept designed by various world developers, 5G has the following advantages:

  • Data rates are significantly more than the previous generation 4G
  • Transfer data between phones 1 millisecond
  • Can be applied to telephones, cars and other household appliances.

Many predict that the transfer speed provided by 5G can reach 800 Giga bytes per second. This speed is 100 times faster than the previous generation. You can download the highest quality movies in just seconds.

The plan is to release this technology in 2020 during the Tokyo Olympics. However, a more specific date is still being kept secret by 5G developers.

3. Cognitive Cloud Computing

Since 2000, 50% of Fortune 500 companies have gone bankrupt, acquired, and simply disappeared. New companies are popping up quickly in their places and this is a nuisance to many traditional companies.

Cognitive Cloud Computing emerged to facilitate the agility and flexibility of a startup company. Startups will steal the market share of business giants that implement ancient systems. An app-based business model that allows startups to maximize their data.

According to the latest analysis, there is a total of 4.4 zettabytes of data or 10 to the power of 21 bytes accumulated in the world. Of the amount of data, 80% of unstructured data is idle. Whereas dark data such as videos, texts, social media posts, audio clips, and others have prospects for a business. This information provides great insight into consumer behavior around the world.

Data mining is a solution to take advantage of such unstructured data. Like IBM Watson, the giant device with astonishing speed can read 800 million pages per second, not only the ability to read, IBM Watson can analyze the data to make the right decisions. It was proven through the Jeopardy event, IBM Watson was able to answer questions in the form of quizzes quickly and accurately, to beat its competitors 2 humans with intelligent backgrounds.


Maybe some of you think DARQ is a trending horror game. It’s true, even the search engines on Google haven’t discussed much about this technology because it’s still in the development stage.

The DARQ referred to here has the meaning of Distributed Ledger – Artificial Intelligence – Extended Reality – Quantum Computing. The four components are collaborated into the latest technology that will bring the digital-era into the next era. The following is an explanation of each component:

A. Distributed Ledger

Distributed Ledger is a transactional method that allows consumers and businesses to transfer money in a way that is currently impossible. Simple examples like cryptocurrencies and block chain, data validation becomes very important. This makes it easy for people to transact without worrying about hacking from irresponsible parties.

B. Artificial Intelligence

This technology is no stranger to sound because it is still a hot topic in various media. The AI ​​that we currently experience is actually still in its early stages because machines are in the learning stage. AI technology every day is increasing accuracy up to 95% today. In the next few years, AI engines will become so smart that there is no doubt about the capabilities of this one technology.

C. Extended Reality

You can find this technology in games based on VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality). Currently Extended Reality is still not at its true strength, because internet connections and devices on the market are still not supported for everyone. The virtual world that you currently feel through the screen, will turn into a fictional world. You can see a product/app from various angles and test it before launching it into the real world.

D. Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing is often referred to as micro-computing which is very powerful and dynamic so that it can solve problems that are currently impossible to solve. This technology was first built in 1994 and has grown to this day. The main problem with this technology is that it is very expensive to manufacture. So that the research that continues until now is to make high-capacity computers at low cost for the wider community. You need to know that the contribution of local technology is also no less competitive with foreign countries. The big data owned by company has also been managed well by the scientific data division as the company’s biggest asset.

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